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    Tulu is the work of Elizabeth Hewitt, designer and antique textile specialist, who lives and works in Istanbul. A constant traveler – to India, Central Asia, Indonesia, Burma, Morocco, Spain – Elizabeth is constantly collecting – fabrics, objects, sights, sounds, colors, stories – and incorporating them into her work.

    As her friends will attest, Elizabeth is a great storyteller, and her fabrics are artistic versions of her infectious stories told over cocktails … stories of cabbages, lotuses, tin cans, turquoise tiles, tulips, Harold Melvin, grandmother’s curtains, Uzbek girls with long braids, fig trees, enameled copper, bazaars full of junk, and so on.

    Elizabeth’s unique combination of scale and saturated color make her designs bold and beautiful or sophisticated and unassuming, as if they are telling us their story in their own language. Tulu’s hand-made textiles are the result of great effort by skilled masters to perfect the carving of the block, or the texture of handspun silk khadi that gives each design a lasting and deliberate beauty.

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