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    A love of land, sea and sky is reflected in the work of the textile line Lake August. Whether observing a tangle of agave and nasturtium plants in her native California or admiring the grace of geese over water in Scotland, designer Alexis Hartman finds endless inspiration in the natural world. Designs range from illustrative to abstract, but the mark of the artist is always apparent.

    The foundation of the Lake August brand is the belief that the beauty of a product lies in the process of its making. This process always starts with a pencil or paintbrush. Drawings, paintings or hand-carved blocks are translated into patterns that are then printed by hand onto linen or wallpaper. And then there’s the thrill of the hunt – for like-minded, environmentally conscious producers of fabrics and papers around the world. To date these include sustainably grown Belgian linen and entirely handmade paper composed of recycled denim (a wallpaper that is equally beautiful to see and touch). With each pattern, product or collection they eagerly explore natural materials and traditional techniques.​

    All of Lake August’s fabrics and wallpapers are printed in the USA, using non-toxic water-based inks. They welcome all manner of custom inquiries and can print on a variety of commercial and residential grounds.

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